Monday, August 2, 2010

Farmer's Market!!

Today I took Elijah down to the local farmer's market and we made out like bandits! Everything pictured here, plus two more potatoes and several plums which got eaten, was only $4.25!! Just in case you can't see the picture for some reason, I got 2 peaches, 2 red plums, 3 red potatoes, 1 white potato, 2 green bell peppers, and several handfuls of the small plums! I have no idea how much I saved by going to the farmer's market but it's got to be a substantial amount. Plus, the people at the booths were very nice and a couple were even willing to give out samples! Our farmer's market is held at a local park, so after I was done with my shopping and Elijah was done eating his first plums, we went and played on the playground with some friends. Here he is showing me the sand on his hands. Little cutie :)

The farmer's market turned out to be a worthwhile venture for us. We got some great, fresh, organic fruits and veggies for quite the bargain and Elijah even got some playtime out of it!

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